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Enrollment & Fees (forms)

Enrollment hours are 2PM-6PM, Monday-Friday. All rates for Kids In Motion are listed below. ALL Fee payments are to be made for 2 weeks in advance. The amount due can be figured by either adding two individual weekly rates or by multiplying the weekly rate by 2.

Registration Fees
One-Time, Non-Refundable$50.00

School Term Weekly Rates:

 Kindergarten1st - 5th6th/Late Bus
5 days$120.00$110.00$90.00/week
4 days$115.00$105.00$80.00/week
3 days$105.00$95.00$70.00/week
2 days$95.00$85.00$60.00/week
1 day$55.00 or $20.00/hour min.

Morning Care or Kinder Care and Short Day Care (2:15 - 3:00)$90.00/week or
$20.00/hr min.
2nd Child15% off single child rate
Single HolidayAdd $30.00 to regular weekly payment
PM Late Fee$5.00 / 5 minutes
School Short Day WeekAdd $20.00 to regular weekly payment
There are no refunds or credits given once space is reserved for your child(ren)'s expected attendance. A fee of $25 will be added to late payments.

**Holiday & Summer Rates:

5 days$400.00/week
4 days$350.00/week
3 days$275.00/week
2 days$200.00/week
1 day$115.00/week

2nd Child25% off single child rate
PM Late Fee$5.00 / 5 minutes

**Holiday & Summer Rates do not include the cost of field trips.


The following forms must be completed and returned to Kids In Motion in person in order to begin the enrollment process.
Download all as a zip file, or individually:

- Fee Payment Policies
- Enrollment/Attendance Form
- Identification and Emergency Information (LIC 700)
- Child's Preadmission Health History (LIC 702)
- Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment (LIC 627)
- Personal Rights (LIC 613A)
- Notification of Parents' Rights (LIC 995)
- Important Information for Parents (LIC 995E) (to read only)
- Field Trip Consent/Consent for Picture/Application of Sunscreen
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